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Unlocking Enterprise Analytics and AI: AMA Session with IIA’s Expert Network

In this “Ask Me Anything” session, IIA shines a spotlight on its Expert Network to answer your burning questions. IIA manages a diverse community of data and analytics practitioners and experts who give unbiased advice to our clients in 1:1 conversation. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear practical advice and learn from invaluable experiences just as an IIA client would as they navigate their most pressing challenges. We invite you to explore a multitude of topics that will elevate your organization’s data and analytics strategy – from advanced analytics and stakeholder engagement to data governance and ethical considerations.

The expert panel consists of:

  • Scott Friesen - EVP, Strategic Analytics at Echo Global Logistics
  • Liz Marsh - Head of Commercial Data and Analytics at Eaton
  • Adam McElhinney - Chief Data Science Officer at Paylocity
  • Jenny Schmidt - Analytics Talent Strategy Expert
  • Keyur Desai - Former Chief Data Officer at TD Ameritrade