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Leaders from Equifax and Yum! Brands are founding members of IIA’s newest ALC cohort addressing key initiatives and priorities for the future of data and analytics.

Portland, Ore. (March 9, 2022) – The International Institute for Analytics (IIA), the leading independent research and advisory firm focused on helping organizations improve their analytics performance, today announced the launch of the third cohort within the Analytics Leadership Consortium (ALC) service line. Each ALC cohort is designed to build and strengthen analytics leadership teams by establishing a collaborative and structured program geared around learning, the transfer of expertise, and discussing industry priorities and challenges that exist for the data and analytics industry.

Global brands with world-class analytics capabilities and leadership, including Equifax and Yum! Brands will come together as two of the founding members of the newest cohort. The ALC created by IIA brings analytics leaders and teams from renowned organizations together to discuss industry best practices in a small group setting.

“We are pleased to launch the third IIA Analytics Leadership Consortium cohort, and welcome world-class leaders from Equifax and Yum! Brands as founding members of the cohort to drive thoughtful conversations around crucial priorities, data and analytics strategies and leadership techniques,” said Jack Phillips, CEO of IIA.

“I am honored to sit alongside other data and analytics leaders at top global organizations on the IIA Analytics Leadership Consortium cohort,” said Peter Maynard, senior vice president of U.S. Information Solutions Data and Analytics at Equifax. “We believe that more data drives better decisions. As the data and analytics landscape evolves, use-case best practices should evolve alongside it.”

“I am thrilled to be a part of leading such important and thoughtful conversations about the next generation of data and analytics,” said Cameron Davies, Chief Data Officer of Yum! Brands. “Leveraging and integrating data and advanced analytics into daily decision-making processes to achieve strategic business outcomes is no longer a nice to have, but a key priority to meet the demands of today’s market. How companies use and analyze data will be critical to the success of organizations becoming more efficient and effective overall.”

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