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COVID-19 Survey: IIA x Burtch Works

Given the current global crisis, both IIA and Burtch Works have been receiving a lot of questions from our clients regarding how other analytics organizations are being impacted by the crisis and what actions they are taking to respond. Given the rapidly evolving situation, IIA and Burtch Works decided that the best way to get the answers is to partner to do a brief survey of the analytics community to see what community members are saying.

We are doing this as a way to leverage our community contacts so that we can give something back. We have asked respondents if they are willing to be contacted over time, so that we can report on developing trends in the most statistically sound way as possible. Results will be updated and available each week (you may have to scroll down to view each weeks results).

Download the Round 1 Results

Download the Round 2 Results

Download the Round 3 Results

Download the Round 4 Results

Download the Round 5 Results

Download the Round 6 Results