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A Comprehensive Guide to Responsible Analytics Governance - Complimentary Research Brief

Today, many global enterprises are on a journey to become more efficient, sustainable, and relevant in an omnichannel reality. In this omnichannel reality, digital technology is widely used in business operations. This requires a new mindset to ensure that your organization stays true to its corporate values in the digital age. Therefore, digital ethics becomes an important and fundamental element of the digital journey.

In order to guide you on your digital ethics journey, experts at IIA have crafted this complimentary version of our research brief, "A Comprehensive Guide to Responsible Analytics Governance." This brief lays the foundation for operationalizing analytics governance across all business functions in the enterprise and will help you:

  • Frame analytics governance within the context of your business model and values
  • Build out an analytics program that is a natural part of digital ethics
  • Consider the dimensions of process, people, and technology when creating your analytics governance program