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Data and Analytics Trends Impacting Marketing, PART 1: Channels and Personalization

Analytics advances are accelerating at an unprecedented pace, and perhaps nowhere more quickly than in marketing. Advances in computing hardware, software applications and delivery channels enable marketers to deliver timely and relevant messages to customers in ways that were unimaginable five or 10 years ago. New data sources are becoming available, and innovative ways to use data to shape the customer experience continue to push the envelope of possibilities. However, keeping track of the advances and being able to decipher which are relevant to your reality has a direct inverse relationship to the rate of change.

This paper is the first in a series of focused discussions on the most interesting, cutting-edge, impactful data and analytics advances that can benefit the marketing professional and partner organizations like finance, operations, product design, project management and technology. In each installment, IIA Expert Michael Koved will break down a different approach, leveraging analytics where advances have been made and discussing the business implications.