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DELTA Plus Model and Five Stages of Analytics Maturity: A Primer

The purpose of this research brief is to summarize the key elements of DELTA Plus and five stages of analytics maturity, and discuss how these two frameworks can be used to understand analytical maturity in your organization.

The DELTA Plus Model and Five Stages of Analytics Maturity have become the industry standard frameworks for assessing analytics maturity. The DELTA Model was developed in 2010 by Tom Davenport, Jeanne Harris and Bob Morison in their book, Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results. The Five Stages of Analytics Maturity was developed in 2007 by Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris in their book, Competing on Analytics. Two new components were added to the DELTA model, creating the DELTA Plus model. The DELTA Plus Model Framework encompasses the five foundational elements of a successful analytics program (Data, Enterprise, Leadership, Targets, and Analysts) and introduces two new elements (Technology and Analytical Techniques) required for high performance.