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RAN Roundtable - Analytics Engagement Models

Many data and analytics leaders struggle to create a holistic framework for their team that supports them in successfully navigating the push-pull tension between the business and analytics. Simply avoiding the use of statistical terms is not enough to bridge the gap in communication.

Key questions driving this session include:

  • How do you define analytics for both the analyst and the business to foster better communication, collaboration, and decision making?
  • What concrete steps can you take to coach your analysts to take a more consultative mindset and prime business leaders for a new approach in analyst-to-business interactions?
  • How do you build momentum with culture change and promote cross-functional collaboration and business alignment?
  • What process do you use to build toward adoption?
  • How do you measure your team’s contributions to ROI?

IIA virtual roundtables are exclusive, invite-only discussions designed to promote peer-to-peer exchange on pressing challenges in the data and analytics community. Seats are limited and reserved for C-suite data and analytics leaders or equivalent at mid- to large-sized enterprises. Conversations are geared toward non-digital native companies. If you meet these criteria, RSVP and we’ll be in touch.