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Revisiting Common Obstacles to Analytics Success

What are the common hurdles encountered when putting analytics to work in a business, both in developing analytical models and applications and in building enterprise analytical capability? This question is central to IIA’s mission of helping organizations navigate the many challenges to achieving analytics maturity, so we decided to revisit it.

In this eBook, we focus on some of the biggest obstacles faced today. We grouped these obstacles into four categories and tackled two obstacles per category:

  1. Business: Challenges that relate to business strategy, acumen, and management, including leadership and adoption of analytical outputs and insights

  2. Execution: Common challenges in the actual analytics work, including approaches to project work and model management

  3. Data and Technical: Obstacles that often require investments and strong partnerships with IT and technology vendors, including improving data platforms and analytic tooling

  4. People: Fundamental challenges facing both analytics and business individuals and teams, and the need for strong collaboration and partnership between them

Full clients of IIA also have access to a comprehensive research brief with actionable insights. Clients also have direct access to the experts, thought leaders, and practitioners that developed this framework