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Leading Analytics Podcast

IIA’s Leading Analytics Podcast digs inside the minds of analytics leaders from some of the world’s most recognized organizations. Now available on all your favorite Podcast platforms!

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Episode 4: Kira Barclay + Key Takeaways

When you think of America’s oldest heavy industry manufacturing brands, the big green machines from John Deere come to mind. What you may not know is how the company is…

Episode 3: Albert Marinez + Key Takeaways

When you’re in the business of saving lives, particularly during the pandemic, you better know what you’re doing, both medically and operationally. Albert Marinez recently took over Intermountain Medical Center’s…

Episode 2: Maria Macuare

When you think of Campbell's Soup, the idea of a grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup pops to mind. What about Chicken Noodle? When it comes to analytics at Campbell's,…

Episode 1: Drew Smith

IKEA, the big yellow and blue megastores that everyone loves, does more than just shape the way we live our lives. Underneath the clean lines and tasty meatballs, is a…