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2022 Analytics Predictions and Priorities

Curious about what lies ahead in 2022 for data and analytics leaders and teams and how you should consider shifting your priorities in response? In the free IIA 2022 Predictions and Priorities research brief, data analytics thought leaders and evangelists Bill Franks (CAO, IIA), Tom Davenport (Author, Professor & Co-Founder, IIA) and Drew Smith (VP, Global Data and Analytics, Little Caesar Enterprises) make seven predictions about the trends that will drive the industry in 2022:

  1. Low-code/no-code adoption accelerates

  2. ModelOps activity continues to surge

  3. AI & analytics are further embedded in enterprise software

  4. AI & analytics product management continues to spread

  5. New talent strategies are required

  6. A focus on decisions returns as crisis modes end

  7. AI, analytics, & digital transformation converge

In this detailed research brief from IIA, Bill, Tom and Drew not only make predictions for 2022, but they also identify the actionable and complementary priorities that data analytics practitioners should focus on to be prepared for the year ahead. Download the free 2022 Predictions and Priorities research brief now or request the related webinar recording from IIA. Full clients of IIA have direct access to the experts, thought leaders and practitioners that developed this content for more specific and actionable insights about how to implement these priorities.