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Article Review: The New Job Description for Data Scientists

The New Job Description for Data Scientists, an InformationWeek article by Rich Wagner, outlines important trends about the future of data scientists and their role in analytics functions. This blog covers key takeaways from Wagner’s article and three recommendations for analytics leaders based on the trends discussed.

Key Takeaways

Automation of time-intensive data science tasks such as data collection, data wrangling, artificial intelligence and machine learning will rapidly change the skills required to be a successful data scientist. This shift, predicted to come by 2020, will require greater focus on business strategy, programming and communication by members of data science teams.

Based on this article, IIA recommends:

  • Identify/create employee development programs and goals to upskill data scientists the new skills

  • Evaluate curriculum of academic partners to ensure appropriate emphasis on the new skills

  • Review job descriptions and candidate screening practices to include these skills

Read the full article here.

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