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Blog Posts: Methods & Practices

In a recent roundtable, data and analytics leaders discussed the integration of AI into existing data strategies. Here are the key themes and takeaways.
The evidence is in, businesses need to take a disciplined, back-to-basics approach focused on fundamentals like data quality and classic ML techniques before considering glittering advances like generative AI.
Data makes you credible. Stories make you memorable. Implement the 4D framework for data storytelling so your audience remembers you, believes you, and trusts you enough to take action.
In this RAN roundtable, data and analytics leaders discussed challenges and successes in using data stories to crystalize the value of analytics for the business. Here’s the key takeaways.
Build your analytics team with AI in mind with IIA’s strategic workforce planning framework.
In IIA’s latest RAN roundtable, data and analytics leaders came together to discuss challenges and decision-making processes to building or buying generative AI for enterprise analytics.
In IIA’s latest RAN roundtables, data and analytics leaders came together to discuss a wide variety of topics related to generative AI. Here’s the key takeaways.
Part 1 in our series on self-service programs demystifies the concept and lays the groundwork for adopting self-service analytics within the unique history, culture, and characteristics of your organization.
IIA Expert, Mike Congdon, shares his perspective on defining AI literacy, strategies for promoting it, debunking AI myths, and glimpses into the future of this vital skill set.