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Blog Posts by Jack Phillips

This article rounds out IIA’s framework on demand segmentation and gives you a scoring method for mapping change.
From demand patterns to advocacy, learn what critical dimensions you need to consider when segmenting demand and orient your team toward demand-driven supply, an ideal state for the enterprise.
World-class supply cannot deliver business value without the balance and collaboration of demand. This article explores optimal collaboration between data producers and consumers to build trust and analytic adoption.
Part 2 of our series on building a data strategy covers steps 6-10 in our data strategy framework, emphasizing architecture, use cases, and roadmaps.
The fundamental problem with most analytics initiatives is that they are often undertaken in an under-characterized context. Get to know your firm’s information economy to make progress in AI.
The goal of this study is to characterize the capabilities required for BI success and to better understand the foundational relationship between business intelligence maturity and analytics maturity.
In the second installment of the BI maturity blog series, IIA CEO Jack Phillips introduces the Business Intelligence Maturity Framework as a strategic response to challenges faced by organizations stuck…
Business intelligence maturity matters. It prepares the organization for the substantially more complex world of advanced analytics and AI. This post explores the cost of BI insufficiency.

The L of DELTA The 2010 classic Analytics at Work introduced the DELTA framework to the world. For many of us devotees, DELTA is the acronym we still have scribbled…