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Blog Posts by Jack Phillips

The second installment of our analytics operating model series explores IIA’s framework scorecard and an example of this evaluation in action.
In Part 1 of this series, we explore the benefits of a better analytics operating model and the components of IIA’s framework to map it.
Part 2 in our series on self-service programs gives practical steps on segmenting demand, creating behavioral incentives, and prioritizing projects for innovation.
Part 1 in our series on self-service programs demystifies the concept and lays the groundwork for adopting self-service analytics within the unique history, culture, and characteristics of your organization.
This article rounds out IIA’s framework on demand segmentation and gives you a scoring method for mapping change.
From demand patterns to advocacy, learn what critical dimensions you need to consider when segmenting demand and orient your team toward demand-driven supply, an ideal state for the enterprise.
World-class supply cannot deliver business value without the balance and collaboration of demand. This article explores optimal collaboration between data producers and consumers to build trust and analytic adoption.
Part 2 of our series on building a data strategy covers steps 6-10 in our data strategy framework, emphasizing architecture, use cases, and roadmaps.
The fundamental problem with most analytics initiatives is that they are often undertaken in an under-characterized context. Get to know your firm’s information economy to make progress in AI.