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Blog Posts: Organization

In our latest Breakthrough Conversation, Asheeka Hyde breaks the myth of the unicorn data scientist and instead shares her approach to building cognitively diverse and highly collaborative unicorn teams.
The second installment of our analytics operating model series explores IIA’s framework scorecard and an example of this evaluation in action.
This article examines various coordination mechanisms that will enhance organizational effectiveness and design variables to account for, like reporting structure and infrastructure.
To wrap up our series on organizing analytics, we explore the various teams and specialties that you must consider as your analytics organization matures.
This article in our series on analytics organizing models takes a closer look at common paths that organizations follow over time as they mature and grow their analytical capabilities.
This article discusses the fundamental goals and objectives of organizational structure, a new continuum-based approach to analytics organizational models, and guidance determining where your organization falls on the continuum.
Drawing from a decade of experience, Armin Kakas details five lessons and a roadmap for analytics leaders who want to build a sustainable practice that adds real, quantifiable value.

3 human-driven decision-making competencies that every industry needs With months of intense face-to-face discussions on "What can AI do for you," op-ed think pieces, and podcasts, I want to pose…

30 years ago the technology industry attempted to import Lean practices — it failed. Instead of “continuous improvement,” progress halted. Agile is incompatible with UX research, design, and scalable development.…