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Blog Posts: Strategy

This article introduces IIA’s analytics capability roadmap, a useful tool for companies early in their analytics maturity journey and trying to shift the balance to advanced analytics and AI projects.
In our ongoing series on data innovation in the healthcare, Ryan Sousa explores key considerations around AI and scaling governance, data fidelity, ethics, and literacy.
In the second installment on our series the biggest obstacles data and analytics organizations face today and ways to overcome them, we focus our attention on execution challenges.
In this new blog series, we explore common obstacles to analytics success. The first installment focuses on business challenges and ways to overcome them.
Part 2 of our series on building a data strategy covers steps 6-10 in our data strategy framework, emphasizing architecture, use cases, and roadmaps.
Our introductory article to our data strategy framework introduces a 10-step plan, emphasizing vision and current state assessment.
In this article, Kerri Webster, chief analytics officer at Children’s Hospital Colorado, shares the leadership philosophy and practices that made the analytics organization independently benchmarked as best-in-class.
As your company maps out its 2024 AI strategy, use this powerful metaphor to consider the implications of centralized knowledge and striking a balance between knowledge graphs and LLMs.
In the latest installment of our blog series on data and AI innovation in healthcare, Ryan Sousa introduces the Pulse Framework: a proven method for streamlining and unifying decision-making.