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Blog Posts: Culture

In this breakthrough conversation, IIA expert Neil Bhandar shares his provocative reordering of the corporate hierarchy to underscore the definitive leadership of data and analytics.
This article rounds out IIA’s framework on demand segmentation and gives you a scoring method for mapping change.
This article concludes our series on common obstacles to analytics success. Here, we explore talent, data literacy, and networking challenges for data and analytics leaders and their teams.
World-class supply cannot deliver business value without the balance and collaboration of demand. This article explores optimal collaboration between data producers and consumers to build trust and analytic adoption.
Business intelligence maturity matters. It prepares the organization for the substantially more complex world of advanced analytics and AI. This post explores the cost of BI insufficiency.
This article introduces a three-part series on AI risk management. It discusses cultural competencies that can prevent and mitigate AI incidents, with a focus on promoting responsible AI practices.
As Vinita Bansal’s job shifted from coding to managing people, and then managing managers, she gleaned five crucial lessons through experimentation, trial, and error.
Terminology in the data field is a mess. This article clears up the confusion – and responsibilities and skills required – using a series of Euler diagrams.
This article explains why an easily executed and user-friendly project will always outclass a high-complexity showpiece.