Ignore Your Business, Rake In The Profits

By Bill Franks, Dec 11, 2014

Want to uncover interesting ways to drive value from data? Look for ways to provide value to external, third party stakeholders through analysis of the data that your organization initially collects just for itself.

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Predictions for Analytics in 2015

By IIA Faculty, Dec 10, 2014

Available to ERS Clients and Professional Members

Each year, IIA asks its faculty and leadership to offer perspective on what the world of analytics will look like in the coming year. This year we also solicited predictions from our diverse community of analytics practitioners. The following ten predictions were selected by a panel of judges to represent IIA’s outlook for 2015:

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2014 Analytics Predictions, Revisited

By Jack Phillips, Dec 04, 2014

Last year, IIA revealed nine predictions for 2014 that ran the gamut of organizational challenges, benefits of technology and staff augmentation, and new applications of analytical methods.

We’ll give a more in-depth review of the 2014 predictions during our 2015 Analytics Predictions Webinar on December 10. But for now, I wanted to offer my own quick take on the 2014 predictions, and see what we got right, and where we missed the mark a little bit.

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The Privacy/Value Tradeoff

By Thomas H. Davenport, Nov 28, 2014

Unless you are willing to become a recluse and go completely off the grid, you are stuck with a high degree of transparency of your personal data. The only real course of action is to be selective in the services and relationships you consume that affect your privacy.

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Health Analytics in a Person Centered World Part III

By Dwight N. McNeill, Nov 26, 2014

Available to ERS Clients only

At birth, we are given the gift of life. This gift amounts to an average of 79 years for a person born in 2012. To some it is priceless; to economists, it is valued at $5,530,000. For most of us, it is the most important asset we will ever have. What we make of the birth gift is largely dependent on the choices we make. But, that it is not the whole story. There are people, organizations, societal structures and luck that weigh in and make a big difference on our life/health outcomes. Stakeholders are different from shareholders. The latter have an equity stake in our life and make investments to optimize our lifetime value. Stakeholders are outside the direct orbit of our lives but can influence it in both positive and negative ways. It is important to achieve “alignment” with stakeholders by designing and implementing win-win solutions.

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Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse, Simplified

By IIA Faculty, Nov 16, 2014

Available to ERS Clients only

When Apache Hadoop, the open source poster child for big data technologies, hit the streets eight years ago, it rattled the cages of traditional BI and data warehousing professionals. There was a lot of speculation about whether Hadoop would replace existing infrastructures, or complement them, or just be another hyped-up technology fad. We now know that Hadoop is not a fad nor is it here to replace existing infrastructures. The discussion on the table now is how to best utilize Hadoop - even if you don’t have big data.

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Intel’s View of the Role of Technology and Data to Transform Healthcare

By Chris Gough, Ketan Paranjape, Nov 07, 2014

Available to ERS Clients only

Intel’s commitment to the healthcare market can be traced around the globe from devices and ruggedized computing platforms to mobile diagnostics and telemedicine to new cloud computing efforts. Each of these examples aligns with Intel’s healthcare vision to “bring computing technologies and solutions to improve healthcare cost, quality and access to billions of people in the world.” As outlined by Eric Dishman, General Manager of Intel Health & Life Sciences, there are four global megatrends that Intel is addressing: Global Aging, Caring in Teams, Paying for Value and Personalizing the Next Generation.

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Making Meaningful Predictions in the Fast Lane

By Mark Dobeck, Jerry Baulier, Scott McCormick, Oct 10, 2014

Available to ERS Clients only

Event stream processing uses wireless and wireline transmissions of streaming events/transactions at rates of up to millions of events per second from multiple sources; the transmissions are real-time and low latency to the microsecond level. The use of and interest in event stream processing continue to evolve in virtually every industry and market.

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Five Clusters of Opportunity with Big Data

By Robert Morison, Sep 23, 2014

In what areas of your business can big data have the greatest impact? In many organizations, that’s a very difficult question to answer. Why? Big data offers so many new opportunities and so many different kinds of opportunities, from using real-time sensor data to mining the unstructured conversation on social media.

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Do Your Metrics Matter?

By Kimberly Nevala, Sep 16, 2014

Your organization has well-defined metrics. Executives track them diligently. Managers include them in status reports. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are prominently featured in annual reports and PR. So isn’t the company, by definition, data-driven?

The answer, unfortunately, is: not necessarily.

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