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Blog Posts by Ryan Sousa

In Part 2 of “Voyaging to the Cloud,” the authors explore what it takes to adopt an “on-demand” mindset through a detailed case study in healthcare.
In the latest installment in our series on data innovation in healthcare, the authors explore key considerations in choosing a cloud provider and optimizing for cultural fit.
In Part 10 of this blog series, the authors discuss the intertwined role of ethical frameworks and data quality, and provide practical guidance for implementing both in the healthcare industry.
In our ongoing series on data innovation in the healthcare, Ryan Sousa explores key considerations around AI and scaling governance, data fidelity, ethics, and literacy.
Continue the data innovation adventure with Ryan Sousa's series, "Accelerating Your Data Innovation Journey in Healthcare." Explore Sousa's recommended self-service analytics tools and some high-impact use cases in the industry.
In the latest installment of our blog series on data and AI innovation in healthcare, Ryan Sousa introduces the Pulse Framework: a proven method for streamlining and unifying decision-making.

In our series, "Accelerating Your Data Innovation Journey," we've delved into healthcare analytics, fostering startup-like teams with an entrepreneurial spirit, and creating an enterprise MAP (Maturity Acceleration Plan) to guide…

So far in the AYDIJ series, we have explored a framework that has been proven to accelerate your data innovation journey: operating like a startup and thinking like an entrepreneur.…

We have explored the disruption taking place in the healthcare industry, how the digitization of the consumer experience and analytics-AI are powering this disruption, the forces for and against change,…