What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Analytics

By Bill Franks, Jun 11, 2015

As the complexity of your analytic ecosystem continues to grow, make sure that your organization is thinking ahead about how to simplify it for users. Personally, I like the Blockly concept and bet that your people will too.

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Data and, therefore, information, is valuable. I assume that anyone reading this will agree with that assertion. At the same time, any given piece of information may not be relevant or helpful for any specific purpose. In other words, information has value when placed in the right context.

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The Perils Of Marketing Attribution

By Bill Franks, Apr 09, 2015

One of the hottest topics in analytics today is marketing attribution. Attribution, for those unfamiliar, is the process of assigning credit to various marketing efforts when a sale is generated. In the modern world, this is no easy task.

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Make the case for automating and embedding analytic; take analytics out of the back room and get it in sync with the rest of the business. Successful firms are able to turn high-frequency actions into automated tasks, navigating culture shifts along the way.

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If I gave you the choice of winning either $1,000,000 or one penny doubled every day for a month, which one would you pick? The million dollars sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? However, by the time day 30 comes along that penny doubling will be worth more than $5 million due to the power of exponential growth.

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Is Your CEO Out of Touch or Being Misled?

By Bill Franks, Feb 12, 2015

As your organization continues down the path of being data-driven, consider a survey of how wide the gap is between your CEO, senior management, and the broader employee base when it comes to the use of data and analytics in the organization.

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Peer Into The Analytics Crystal Ball For 2015

By Bill Franks, Jan 08, 2015

On December 10, I helped facilitate the International Institute For Analytics (IIA) webinar to announce our analytics predictions for 2015. I will provide additional commentary on several of the predictions that I am especially fond of in this New Year’s post.

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Ignore Your Business, Rake In The Profits

By Bill Franks, Dec 11, 2014

Want to uncover interesting ways to drive value from data? Look for ways to provide value to external, third party stakeholders through analysis of the data that your organization initially collects just for itself.

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Predictions for Analytics in 2015

By IIA Faculty, Dec 10, 2014

Available to ERS Clients and Professional Members

Each year, IIA asks its faculty and leadership to offer perspective on what the world of analytics will look like in the coming year. This year we also solicited predictions from our diverse community of analytics practitioners. The following ten predictions were selected by a panel of judges to represent IIA’s outlook for 2015:

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Miss The Right Connections At Your Own Peril

By Bill Franks, Nov 12, 2014

While connection analytics won’t solve all of your organization’s problems, it can probably help solve some of them better. Given that it isn’t widely adopted yet, there is a chance to get a competitive advantage by putting it to use first. Ignore connection analytics at your own peril!

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