Meet Your Next Lawyer, The Algorithm

By Thomas H. Davenport, Nov 10, 2015

The law is a profession based on rules, procedures, evidence, and precedent. It turns out that intelligent technologies are increasingly able to codify these decision criteria into automated and semi-automated systems.

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What Automation Will Do To Marketing and Marketers

By Thomas H. Davenport, Oct 13, 2015

While marketing automation will lead to some difficult changes in the nature and work of the function, it offers much potential for value. It can lead to better and more reliable decisions about how best to spend scarce marketing resources, and can lead to closer customer relationships that build brand equity and improve financial outcomes. For those marketers who can embrace the technology and the changes it brings, it will also lead to some exciting careers.

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Is Software Eating the World’s People Too?

By Thomas H. Davenport, Sep 29, 2015

Software and technology are certainly eating the world these days. But the world will develop a massive case of indigestion if we don’t bring people along with this historic transformation.

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CAO, CDO or Both? The Evolving Roles in Data and Analytics Leadership

By Thomas H. Davenport, Robert Morison, Bill Franks, Mike Lampa, Aug 04, 2015

Available to ERS Clients only

As firms devote more and more resources to their data and analytics programs, IIA has been tracking the evolution of leadership roles that will be required – Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), Chief Data Officer (CDO), and other permutations of these positions. For this Research Brief, we interviewed 20 executives holding the title of CAO or CDO (or equivalent). Eleven were interviewed by phone, and eight completed a survey with the same set of interview questions. Our objective was to take a snapshot of contemporary experience in how the two roles are playing out and how they interact across a variety of enterprises.

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Two Cheers for Situational Intelligence

By Thomas H. Davenport, Jul 29, 2015

Over time I have changed my mind about “situational awareness” systems. I don’t think there is anything wrong with such systems except for the fact that they are called “situational awareness.” My current feeling is that to be aware of the situation, you need a lot more than data from your operational systems. In fact, the very act of building and closely monitoring a system means that you are unlikely to be situationally aware.

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Would The Last Marketer Please Turn Out the Lights

By Thomas H. Davenport, Jul 14, 2015

Marketing is becoming increasingly automated, and before long there may be little need for lights in the marketing department. Humans will still oversee these automated efforts, but there will probably be substantially fewer of them.

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The Hot New Tech Startup Is Uncle Sam

By Thomas H. Davenport, Jun 24, 2015

I’ve been hearing interesting rumors about a hot new tech services startup—on the East Coast for a change. In fact, it’s in Washington, D.C., and it’s financed by really deep pockets—the U.S. government budget. Your national government may have had some problems with IT in the past—a range of disasters come to mind—but now the US seems to have some of the best IT people in the country.

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A Surfeit of IT Chiefs Brings Execution Challenges

By Thomas H. Davenport, Jun 11, 2015

With the increased importance of information and technology to businesses, many firms have added a variety of new IT-oriented management roles. I’m participating in a research study on Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Officers for the International Institute of Analytics, and those roles are increasingly in evidence within large companies.

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The fashionable gift among generous conference organizers these days is a wearable activity tracker. I’ve been given a Fitbit One (twice), a Fitbit Flex, a Shine, and a Withings Pulse. It’s good that I get a lot of them, because I lose or launder them often. Hint to other generous conference organizers: I’d like to try out a Nike Fuelband, a Jawbone Up, or a Fitbit Force.

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Are You Ready for Robo-Advice?

By Thomas H. Davenport, Mar 24, 2015

For several decades we have assumed that the best financial planning and wealth management advice came from smart human advisors. Over the last decade or so, those smart humans were augmented with computer systems that make recommendations on the optimal portfolio given a certain risk profile and wealth level.

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