2016 Analytics Symposium - Chicago Agenda

Apr 25, 2016

The following is the agenda used during the 2016 Analytics Symposium - Chicago, held at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago, IL.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

6:00pm Welcome Reception

Location: Gleacher Center, Executive Dining Room (6th floor, room 621)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

7:30am Breakfast, Networking, Registration

Location: Gleacher Center (2nd floor, room 204)

8:30am Welcome

Overview of Symposium purpose and format for the day. Dan Magestro, Research Director, IIA

9:00am Succeeding with Analytics Teams

Bill Franks will cover the material from his book, “The Analytics Revolution,” around succeeding with a team. He and Joe DeCosmo will discuss the keys to success for how an analytics team interacts with the business and what they need to focus on for optimal results. Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, Teradata; IIA Faculty member Joe DeCosmo, Chief Analytics Officer, Enova

10:15am Networking Break

10:30am The Technology Stack

Representatives from four major companies will review various aspects of the technology stack, i.e. the ecosystem of data warehouses/lakes/clouds, analytics tools, data visualization tools, governance/metadata systems, etc. that comprise the architecture for BI and analytics. Questions that the panel will review include:

  • How do you influence the vendor selection process for a piece of the technology stack (e.g. selecting a data viz tool)? Who owns the decision?

  • What layer of the technology stack has been the hardest to determine or define a solution for and why?

  • How are various business requirements for the technology stack captured and utilized in the construction and management of the stack?

  • How is an emerging technology like cloud evaluated in your org?

David Dittmann (P&G), Joel Freiburger (Enova), Richard Wilson (Kellogg), Nathan Weber (Disney)

11:45am Networking Break

12:00pm Lunch & Analytics Maturity Report

Jack Phillips will present results and key findings from IIA’s recently completed market study on enterprise analytics maturity. The market study (available to member organizations) will include data from 50 companies across 10 industries, including several “digitally native”, high performing companies, using a variation of IIA’s proprietary analytics maturity assessment model. Jack Phillips, CEO, IIA

1:00pm Getting Tactical with Strategy

This session covers the mechanics of aligning business & analytics strategies and prioritizing analytics projects and resources. Building on last year’s Symposium, Bob Morison will dig into some of the nuts and bolts of how to implement a successful analytics strategy that’s both aligned to the business strategy and set up for operational success. Bob Morison, Lead Faculty, IIA

2:15pm Networking Break

2:30pm Cognitive Computing

Kris Hammond from Narrative Science will strive to make sense of the current landscape of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence systems. He will unpack these systems to understand the cognitive computing eco-system, the functionality that these systems can provide, and an approach to how companies can assess their own needs and develop metrics for evaluating the utility of these systems in practice. His goal is to get beyond the hype and fear of cognitive computing and provide the audience with the tools needed to get to the real value these systems can provide in practice. Kris Hammond, Chief Scientist, Narrative Science

3:45pm Networking Break

4:00pm Corporate Business Analytics Training

Doug and Chris will introduce InsightPath, the new Capella-IIA offering and discuss the corporate business analytics training needs of enterprises to cultivate a data-driven culture. Doug Mirsky, Advisory Services Director, IIA; Francisco de la Rosa, Analytics Product Lead, Capella Education Co.