Analytics in Healthcare and the Life Sciences

IIA CEO Jack Phillips

While analytics can help healthcare organizations overcome their clinical and operational challenges, few have successfully applied the breakthrough tools and techniques now available. A short list of forward-thinking healthcare providers and payers are leveraging analytics to answer their most difficult questions. At IIA, we’re amassing more of these examples and case studies each day.

If You’re Not Working In Analytics Yet, You Will Be

IIA CEO Jack Phillips

The way companies do business is transforming. Our economy is already shifting. Soon, every department and nearly every role will incorporate analytics to keep up with the competition or get ahead. If you’re not working in analytics yet, you will be.

Ready or Not, Data is the Future of Your Business

IIA CEO Jack Phillips

“What business are we really in?” While out on the road, meeting with our research clients, that’s the question that keeps coming up. As companies are starting to see the value of their investment in analytics, it is opening their eyes to new transformative business opportunities, and data is at the heart of it all.

The Successful Embrace Analytics

IIA CEO Jack Phillips

Nationwide, healthcare organizations are investing in analytics because they know analytics provides the insights needed to survive and thrive in challenging times. These organizations are looking to analytics – leaving no stone unturned – to bolster clinical outcomes and business operations.

And the Award Goes To…

IIA CEO Jack Phillips

We kicked off the CAO Summit Tuesday night with the Excellence in Analytics Award (aka “The Ani”) presentation and dinner. This annual award acknowledges leaders who have gone beyond extracting business value from business intelligence tools, to develop advanced analytics capabilities in their organization.

Security Breaches and Predictive Analytics

In December 2012, the IIA Faculty predicted that ‘escalating numbers of high-profile data security breaches will drive development of very sophisticated, predictive analytics.’ Looking at the recent past, most companies are still using a reactive model to confront security breaches, but as the bad guys get smarter, data sources become infinite, and compute power grows, companies will have no choice but to enter the world of Analytics 3.0 and leverage advanced analytics to protect their most valuable asset…DATA

Live from NRF (Day 1): Analytics Driving Retail Success

IIA CEO Jack Phillips

It’s another packed house of global retailers and vendors this year at the annual National Retail Federation (NRF) show in New York. As usual, NRF13 showcases every possible vendor/supplier that touches retail along with the traditional diet of sessions on intelligent merchandising, personalization, micro segmentation, store experience, omni-channel marketing, price optimization, supply chain, etc.

The Analytic Heroes in our Midst

Imagine being transformed from being an Analytics “Professional” to an Analytics “Hero”. Here at IIA we think it’s a unique and exciting approach to honor industry innovators by acknowledging their unique skills managing and analyzing data

IIA’s Analytics Executive Symposium Highlights – Emergence of CAO Summit

It’s already been 4 weeks since our Analytics Executive Symposium in Chicago – it seems just last week that we brought our Faculty, Leadership, Research Clients and Underwriters together for this inaugural event.

We kicked off the Symposium the evening before with the presentation of the IIA Excellence in Analytics award by Tom Davenport. Tom presented The Procter & Gamble Company with this prestigious award to honor their tremendous work in pioneering an enterprise approach to analytics. It was fascinating listening to Guy Peri’s insight on how they incorporate analytics into their everyday operations and infrastructure.