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In this new blog series, we explore common obstacles to analytics success. The first installment focuses on business challenges and ways to overcome them.
IIA's roundup of the best articles from around the web, curated and contextualized by unbiased analytics experts at IIA.
IIA Expert, Mike Congdon, shares his perspective on defining AI literacy, strategies for promoting it, debunking AI myths, and glimpses into the future of this vital skill set.
This article examines various coordination mechanisms that will enhance organizational effectiveness and design variables to account for, like reporting structure and infrastructure.
To wrap up our series on organizing analytics, we explore the various teams and specialties that you must consider as your analytics organization matures.
This article in our series on analytics organizing models takes a closer look at common paths that organizations follow over time as they mature and grow their analytical capabilities.
This article discusses the fundamental goals and objectives of organizational structure, a new continuum-based approach to analytics organizational models, and guidance determining where your organization falls on the continuum.
World-class supply cannot deliver business value without the balance and collaboration of demand. This article explores optimal collaboration between data producers and consumers to build trust and analytic adoption.
Part 2 of our series on building a data strategy covers steps 6-10 in our data strategy framework, emphasizing architecture, use cases, and roadmaps.