Analytics in Pursuit of Quality

Anne Milley

Quality in many forms is something we all seek—quality products and services (whether we are offering them or consuming them), quality experiences, quality time, and quality of life. To achieve any of these in any measure we have to make decisions, and for those to be good decisions we need good information. What makes “good” information?

The Language of Science

Anne Milley

Good science and speaking its language with some level of proficiency, is required to derive value from the growing volume and complexity of data we continue to amass. May we all learn, at some level, the language of science so we can make more informed decisions, best utilize scarce resources and compel better actions.

The Well-Appointed Analytic Workbench

Anne Milley

What do I mean by “analytic workbench?” Basically, the compute-resource environment with which data analysis takes place. All of us deal with data at some level, and all of us can benefit from making sense of our data more efficiently and effectively. See if there are opportunities to make the analytic workbenches in your organization more productive.

Analytical Cultures: How to Nurture Yours

Anne Milley

As an organic gardener with spring approaching, I have seeds and soil on my mind. I like to see seeds sprout, grow, flourish and either bloom or bear fruit.

Prediction for 2013: More Lively Visualizations

Anne Milley

Watching my daughter occasionally play Birds and Blocks or other games on the iPad causes me to ponder the level of interactivity and visual design we have come to expect in so many interfaces — the internet, mobile devices, PC apps, dashboards and more.

Get Ready to Celebrate!

Anne Milley

As we wind down in 2012 and reflect on the past, we also want to look ahead. Next year will be an even bigger year for analytics. 2013 is the first International Year of Statistics, a worldwide celebration of statistics.

Just in Time for Big Data: Graphicacy Levels on the Rise

Anne Milley

Many consider data visualization and information visualization to be synonymous. However, in the context of a data-information continuum, we begin to see that there are important differences.

Big Data Déjà Vu

Anne Milley

More than a decade ago when data mining was relatively new (remember the commercial with fashion models talking about mining their data on the runway?), many were advocating mining all of the (mostly transactional) data and had to be educated…

On Analytics, Statistics and Mathematics


2011 was a year of great change—a move back to the south for my husband’s new job, new school for our daughter, a transition to a new position in the JMP division of SAS (which I love), and several other changes requiring us to adapt.  Change is one thing we can count on.  When we [...]

Exchange of Ideas: Analytics and Innovation

A series of examples highlighting the cross-pollination of analytical methods and ideas. Diversity fuels innovation. The joke about the physicist, chemist, and statistician also suggests that at times diversity impedes progress: These three scientists are called to a room where they see a fire in the wastebasket. The physicist says, “I know what to do! [...]