My New Boss Isn’t Big Data. Here’s why…

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article called, “Meet the New Boss: Big Data”. The article’s bottom line was that, increasingly, algorithms based on predictive analytics are deciding who should be hired for a job, and who should not. Humans need not review the resume – machines will handle the decision making.

The fact is that analytics used for hiring are a lot more human than the article described.

You Can’t See the Forest Through the Trees

I was talking with a doctor on the train the other day who was complaining about the current state of medicine. It wasn’t a complaint about insurance fees – it was actually about evidence-based medicine.

How Can We Expand the Pool of Analytical Talent?

At a recent lunch, a few high-performing analysts and I were talking, and it came out that all of us happened to be amateur musicians. After a few more random inquiries to colleagues, I wondered if there is a significant a link between learning to play/interpret music and skill in analytics. I also thought about [...]

Interview with

I first heard of six months ago when a friend who manages a team of statisticians commented, “My analysts are obsessed with Kaggle, they can’t get enough free time to work on the contests.” I created an account of my own the next day to see what is pulling analytics professionals to the site. Anthony [...]

Uncovering Talent Gems

Analytical Candidates You May Not Have Considered I’ve been thinking about the problems many of us have in recruiting analytical talent since IIA’s 2011 Predictions webinar. Talent acquisition and talent development are topics that tend to spark passionate debate; even Jim Goodnight and William Green spent time on the topic at their keynote during the [...]