I will probably exaggerate, but here is my take on the skeptics of analytics. They are likely to be over the age of 50. When they took a statistics course in college, many of them probably just wanted to pass with a “D” or passing grade and get the course behind them.

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The Hot New Tech Startup Is Uncle Sam

By Thomas H. Davenport, Jun 24, 2015

I’ve been hearing interesting rumors about a hot new tech services startup—on the East Coast for a change. In fact, it’s in Washington, D.C., and it’s financed by really deep pockets—the U.S. government budget. Your national government may have had some problems with IT in the past—a range of disasters come to mind—but now the US seems to have some of the best IT people in the country.

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You say you want Analytics, but…

By Cheryl Wiebe, Jun 16, 2015

I keep hearing manufacturers say they want to make data-driven decisions. They’ve read the news, they see the promise of the new sensor data, social sentiment, and behavioral data of their end consumers. But they are not doing it.

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A Surfeit of IT Chiefs Brings Execution Challenges

By Thomas H. Davenport, Jun 11, 2015

With the increased importance of information and technology to businesses, many firms have added a variety of new IT-oriented management roles. I’m participating in a research study on Chief Analytics Officers and Chief Data Officers for the International Institute of Analytics, and those roles are increasingly in evidence within large companies.

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What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Analytics

By Bill Franks, Jun 11, 2015

As the complexity of your analytic ecosystem continues to grow, make sure that your organization is thinking ahead about how to simplify it for users. Personally, I like the Blockly concept and bet that your people will too.

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Governance in the New Analytic Zoo

By John Thuma, Jun 05, 2015

My point is regardless of the data shape, type, or where the data comes from governance is very critical, schema is critical, and transformation is also very critical. It’s essential to understand the importance of data consistency with respect to your data analytics journey.

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On May 27, IIA hosted Tamara Dull and Anne Buff of SAS Best Practices to debate the merits of Data Lakes. We fielded dozens of questions from our audience, and we’ve circled back to have Anne and Tamara respond to 13 of them.

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May 2015 Research Roundup

By IIA Faculty, May 31, 2015

To recap our work for May 2015, check out the following summary of our publications and activities.

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Last week, IIA CEO Jack Phillips had the privilege to sit on a panel at the SAS Health Analytics Forum 2015, an event that brought together senior leaders from health care and life sciences for conversations about industry trends, and health analytics.

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On the Lighter Side…

By Jack Phillips, May 19, 2015

On the lighter side this week, I was reminded of how commonplace data and analytics have become among young generations.

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