I had the opportunity to hear George Moakley, formerly the Enterprise Architect and Strategic Planner at Intel, who is now one of the founders of the new Intelligence at the Edge for Supply Chain Lab at Arizona State University. George spoke to a group of executives at the CAPS Roundtable at IBM in RTP recently, and shared some of his ideas about what’s in store for the future of the IoT. George emphasized that “A different conceptual framework is required. Technology is both evolutionary and revolutionary. Evolutionary technology is about doing things better; revolutionary technology is about doing better…

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AI is from Venus, Machine Learning is from Mars

By Geoffrey Moore, Oct 20, 2016

The rise of cloud computing brings with it the promise of infinite computing power. The rise of Big Data brings with it the possibility of ingesting all the world’s log files. The combination of the two has sparked widespread interest in data science as truly the “one ring to rule them all.” When we speculate about such a future, we tend to use two phrases to describe this new kind of analytics—artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Most people use them interchangeably. This is a mistake.

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I recently had someone ask me, “For years we’ve talked about changing analytics from 80% data prep and 20% analytics to 20% data prep and 80% analytics, yet we still seem stuck with 80% data prep. Why is that?” It is a very good question about a very real issue that causes many people frustration.

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Contingent Workforce is a Major Focus for Procurement

By Robert Handfield, Oct 11, 2016

The number of workers who are “contingent” is growing rapidly. Brian Hoffmeyer from IQ Navigator, a procure to pay solution, spoke today at IBM’s Empower event on this trend, and the implications for procurement. I had the opportunity to sit in on this presentation and get some takeaways.

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Scoring Goals with Sports Analytics

By Jack Phillips, Oct 07, 2016

The IIA team is always on the lookout for the increasingly varied applications of analytics. An athlete and longtime sports fan myself, I must admit I am particularly enthused when analytics intersects with sports and was excited to learn about the new Sports Biometrics Conference launching in San Francisco November 15 and 16.

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Analytics Journal: Making Analytics Projects Succeed

By Daniel Magestro, Oct 04, 2016

Last week the International Institute for Analytics hosted its semi-annual Analytics Symposium in Boston, bringing together 100+ analytics leaders from companies across industries for a day of best-practice sharing on many facets of analytics programs. Agenda topics ranged from artificial intelligence and workplace automation, to defining analytics roles and forming effective recruiting partnerships with universities.

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Teradata Goes “All In” On Cloud

By David Alles, Sep 22, 2016

I recently attended my first Teradata Partners Conference, where we hosted a booth at the Teradata Partners Expo Hall. Teradata has been an underwriter of IIA since our inception in 2010. It was a great conference as well as an excellent opportunity for IIA to interact with other analytics professionals. Attendees who visited our booth were excited about the show and enthusiastic about the data and analytics work they are doing at their respective companies.

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I’ve been actively researching customer behavior in the financial and retail industries for over 30 years now, and what fascinates me the most is determining the leading indicators of future customer choices and interactions. At Corios we call this predictive customer journey analysis. The most important and most elusive part of being responsive to customer journeys is identifying leading indicators. Leading indicators will tell you what each customer is likely to need or want, in advance of the customer making a decision, in a way that gives the firm enough time to prepare and respond with a relevant solution.

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Breaking Analytics Out Of The Box - Literally

By Bill Franks, Sep 08, 2016

The lines between open source and commercial products are blurring rapidly as our options for building and executing analytics grow by the day. The range of options and price points available today enable anyone from a large enterprise to a single researcher to gain access to affordable, powerful analytic tools and infrastructure. As a result, analytics will continue to become more pervasive and more impactful.

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Data integrity is a real problem in the operating room

By Robert Handfield, Aug 23, 2016

A recent visit to a mid-sized hospital in the Northeast United States provided a number of important insights into how great a problem material handling data integrity is in the daily life of those people who work in operating rooms across the country. The nurses, buyers, surgical techs, operating room specialists, and physicians who work on the front lines of hospitals, are having to deal with massive forces of friction that are reducing their ability to provide top tier patient care.

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