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The second installment of our analytics operating model series explores IIA’s framework scorecard and an example of this evaluation in action.
In Part 1 of this series, we explore the benefits of a better analytics operating model and the components of IIA’s framework to map it.
In Part 10 of this blog series, the authors discuss the intertwined role of ethical frameworks and data quality, and provide practical guidance for implementing both in the healthcare industry.
In this breakthrough conversation, IIA expert Neil Bhandar shares his provocative reordering of the corporate hierarchy to underscore the definitive leadership of data and analytics.
Part 2 in our series on self-service programs gives practical steps on segmenting demand, creating behavioral incentives, and prioritizing projects for innovation.
Part 1 in our series on self-service programs demystifies the concept and lays the groundwork for adopting self-service analytics within the unique history, culture, and characteristics of your organization.
IIA's roundup of the best articles from around the web, curated and contextualized by unbiased analytics experts at IIA.
In the second installment of our series on maturing analytics capability, we take a closer look at the three-year roadmap in terms of strategic goals and activities.
This article introduces IIA’s analytics capability roadmap, a useful tool for companies early in their analytics maturity journey and trying to shift the balance to advanced analytics and AI projects.