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In the second installment of the BI maturity blog series, IIA CEO Jack Phillips introduces the Business Intelligence Maturity Framework as a strategic response to challenges faced by organizations stuck…
Business intelligence maturity matters. It prepares the organization for the substantially more complex world of advanced analytics and AI. This post explores the cost of BI insufficiency.
Any enterprise looking to stay competitive must consider leveraging knowledge graphs and LLMs to unlock the value hidden within their data. This article unpacks the latest research and business implications.
Continue the data innovation adventure with Ryan Sousa's series, "Accelerating Your Data Innovation Journey in Healthcare." Explore Sousa's recommended self-service analytics tools and some high-impact use cases in the industry.
We now know technology alone isn’t the solution and are led to think that culture is the biggest obstacle to analytics adoption. But that’s a sloppy excuse. Read why.
In the third installment of Parul Pandey’s AI risk management series, we explore various strategies and practices beyond traditional model risk management.
IIA's roundup of the best articles from around the web, curated and contextualized by unbiased analytics experts at IIA.
In the second article in our AI risk management series, we pivot our focus to a vital element in the context of ML systems: organizational processes.
This article introduces a three-part series on AI risk management. It discusses cultural competencies that can prevent and mitigate AI incidents, with a focus on promoting responsible AI practices.